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 About Eddie

Eddie is a programmer's editor for MacOSX.
Ideal for heavy-duty C++/C++17/Obj-C development, it is just as capable at editing HTML, Swift, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua, Ragel or any old plain text files.
A fully native, modern Cocoa app, Eddie has speed and responsiveness in it's DNA, drawing on it's humble origins on BeOS
The Worksheet in Eddie is a full-featured shell that combines the power of Terminal with the ease of editing in a normal document. Inspired by the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, Eddie brings some of it's revolutionary features into a modern programmer's editor.

 Key Features

  • Full-featured editor with an extensive set of powerful editing commands, unlimited Undo, innovative keyboard shortcuts such as Smart Swap
  • Lightweight, fast and responsive even when handling huge source files
  • Worksheet windows integrate full bash shell with full editability, enhanced Tab-completion support
  • Lighting-fast and precise syntax coloring for C/C++17/Obj-C, makefiles, HTML, Swift, Lua, Python, Ruby, LaTeX, Ragel, Antlr, Golang and many other file formats
  • Function popup with full C/C++17/Obj-C support, HTML, Swift, JavaScript, Perl, Lua, Python, Ragel, Bison, Golang
  • Magic prototyper greatly simplifies C++ and Obj-C development
  • Advanced indexer with symbol lookup and code completion of C/C++/Obj-C, Swift and Python code
  • C++ indenter (still in beta)
  • Rich #ifdef balancing, commenting
  • Search/Replace supports regular expressions, multi-file, incremental search, as well as a unique multi-find/multi-replace feature
  • Multiple clipboards supporting paste from history, editable clipboard popovers and an extended feature set for complex repetitive copy-paste jobs
  • Smart clipboards allow configuring automation of complex copy-paste operations
  • Worksets allow organizing files into project-like groups
  • Support for automatic makefile generation
  • Support for source control systems like Git, Subversion, Perforce and CVS
  • Windows may be opened as tabs or split into multiple panes
  • Open and save to SFTP servers allows editing remote as easily as if they were local
  • Every keyboard shortcut fully configurable from a super-extensive list of shortcuts primitives
  • Extensive plugin API gives plugins full control over the application

Download latest Eddie from the Downloads page

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