Eddie Release Notes

 Mac OS X

The current release 3.4.5 runs on mac OSX 10.9 or later, including latest M1 Macs

Release 3.4.5
  • New features
    • M1/Apple Silicon binary
    • Saved searches: Allow saving/restoring Find window state
  • Bug fixes
    • Big Sur compatibility
      • Fix ReplaceAll
      • Fix a bug where opened documents would sometimes get touched
      • Fix various list drawing inconsistencies
      • Open/Save panel reliable initial directory setup
    • Wrapped super large document window resize SPOD
    • Prototyper handling of modern C++ intializer lists
    • Swift syntax coloring recursive string interpolation/nested string handling
    • Swift function popup parser fixes
    • Python Function Popup - fix a bug with docstring messing up indent parsing
    • Fix a bug with Status window hex dump of multi-byte UTF-8
Release 3.4.3
  • New features
    • Awk syntax coloring and function popup
    • Added line numbers for multi selection to status window
    • Added handling of user defined C++ literals/literal operators to Prototyper, Syntax Coloring and Function Popup
  • Bug fixes
    • Indexer: Obj-C parsing fixes, correctly locate libc++ headers even if Xcode is renamed
    • Fixed Ifdef balancer menu matching item selection
    • Fixed several bugs in prototyper settings
    • Improved Quick Open approximate matching result prioritization
    • Made Preference panes larger to fit new Big Sur toolbar layout
    • Enable Edit menu items correctly when showing Save panel
    • Fixed a SPOD when Find panel is showing over a super huge document
    • Fixed a bug in Find window multi-pane settings persistence
Release 3.4.3
  • New features and improvements
    • SFTP Open - add a user dialog if none supplied in url
    • SFTP Open better connecting state flow
    • Command-D now works on urls
    • Command-D of an sftp url gets opened by Eddie
    • Improved Prototyper C++ parsing.
    • Improved Indexer C++ parsing.
    • Improved Function Popup C++ parsing.
    • Improved Syntax Coloring C++ parsing.
    • Improved Syntax Coloring Make parsing.
    • Better window resizing behavior when using wrap to window frame
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a problem where Indent Right was inserting tabs to empty lines.
    • Don't draw stray whitespace inside quoted strings.
    • Fixed a problem where red was sometimes drawing from a stray whitespace to an adjoining string.
    • Fixed ToDo in swift code messing up function popup.
    • Fixed crashes closing tabs added as inactive by reordering in Document Window.
    • Fixed SFTP/Open From server unknown server handling and unknown file path handling.
Release 3.4.2
  • Bug fixes
    • Worked around a Catalina scroll view bug that sometimes leaves portions of view undrawn
    • Fix a few bugs related to having spaces in the home directory path
    • Fix glitches in git commit spew handling
Release 3.4.1
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix occasional deadlock in Show Definition window
    • Fix "Reopen in Preferred Editor"
    • Fix Find window buttons not enabling after inserting a tab
    • Fix a problem with